Niugini Freighters

NSC Freighters is an engineering, fabrication and manufacturing facility servicing the light, medium and heavy haulage industry.

Situated in Lae and operating since 1970, NSF Freighters can design, fabricate and supply an extensive range of trailers including:

  • Jinkers
  • Skeletal
  • Tilt deck
  • Extendable
  • Tailgate
  • Flat top
  • Boat
  • Low loaders

The range also includes accessories such as bull bars, transport canopies and security features. Spare parts to support the product range are always kept in good supply.

Overland transport in PNG is difficult due to rugged terrain and NSC Freighters are the local specialists that have the skills and understanding to build suitable transportation equipment. With 40 staff including boiler makers, welders, fitter and turners, mechanical fitters and engineers and a technical drafting team using state of the art Inventor 3D Version 12 software, they cater for any specialised body requirement.

With a continued improvement focus, NSC Freighters places an emphasis on covering all facets of customers’ expectations and establishing itself as a world class general and specialised engineering facility. It’s currently expanding its capabilities and seeking ISO9001 Accreditation for the mining and construction industries.

Other expansions programs in place include:

  • A range of protective structures for excavators and medium to heavy trucks tested to international standards and designed to save lives and protect equipment in the event of a rollover.
  • Mine compliance vehicles for ultimate off-road safety.
  • A broad range of heavy duty service platforms used in both underground and aboveground mining operations.
  • A vast range of machinery hand rails, platforms and vandal protection systems.
  • Scrub guarding for forestry applications on excavators, dozers and the like.
  • A range of aftermarket attachments, such as crane jibs, fork lift frames, quick hitch attachments, specialised buckets, tyre handlers and more.

Steel used by NSC freighters is provided by sister companies Niuigini Steel Corporation (NSC) and Barlow Industries, both merchant steel specialists in PNG. All steel comes with a mill certificate to prove it was locally produced. It is also certified to Australian and New Zealand standards. With the combined skill sets of its sister companies and the resources and vision of its parent company PICSA PNG Group, NSC Freighters is at the forefront of the PNG transportation equipment industry, not just keeping pace but keeping ahead of the burgeoning PNG economy and its rapidly modernised requirements. 

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